GARDEN Inc. is focused on providing the tools to enable financial growth and operational expansion for nonprofit professionals, philanthropists,  community groups artists, and visionaries. If you would like to improve your community and the world, we invite you to tap into our expertise, dedicated staff, and network of passionate organizations and individuals to help support your mission.

GARDEN, Inc. serves as a nonprofit incubator and provides guidance and experience in utilizing the nonprofit  501(c)(3) business structure to raise funds and fuel the missions of emerging organizations. Securing funding with a long-term focus can be one of the most difficult endeavors for new nonprofits, especially those who cannot yet afford the salary for an experienced development director. We help organizations address these issues through grant writing, nonprofit consulting, and fiscal sponsorship.

We support grassroots organizations and individual artists with grant training, grant writing and securing grant funding. GARDEN, Inc. can assist with grants in a range of ways: from contracts for individual grant applications to a longer term relationship providing editing and guidance for several applications. After working with GARDEN on specific grants, often clients seek a stronger relationship, allowing our team to serve the temporary role of development director. This facilitates the grant writing process while providing training and technical expertise on grant solicitation for local staff and/or volunteers.

Fiscal Sponsorship
Over the last ten years, GARDEN has been serving key partners and organizations for our fiscal sponsorship program. We seek organizations that promote a sustainable future for artists, connect artists with environmental objectives, educate the community about the link between the power of art and environmental awareness, and heal the planet through the sharing of knowledge and experience. Fiscal sponsorship allows us to utilize GARDEN’s 501(c)(3) structure as a legal, tax-exempt umbrella for entities that do have their own 501(c)(3) to rely on and solid foundation on which to fundraise and apply for grants. GARDEN assumes legal and administrative liability for these organizations, and we are necessarily selective about which groups we sponsor. The main focus is to ensure our goals are in alignment so that proper care and attention are given to the civic interests we represent.

The most value a relationship with GARDEN, Inc. provides is access to our network of organizations, artists, funders, philanthropists, and executive board members around the globe. This network has helped provide partners with the critical resources they need, and is the basis for the variety of services we offer. GARDEN has connected clients that often become integral to the success of each others’ missions and overall organizational objectives. As the GARDEN acronym alludes, our ultimate goal is bringing together individuals and organizations that take action and make things better for our world community. We hope that you can share and join in the process and see your individual and organizational goals reach fruition.


GARDEN, Inc. works regularly with student interns from the University of Arizona, Pima Community College, University/Rincon High School, Tucson High School and other high schools and universities across the U.S. Interns learn the art of grant procurement, grant writing, grant acquisition and grants management in addition to nonprofit project development, office protocols, and other valuable workforce development skills. We would like to acknowledge all of our past interns for their support – thank you! GARDEN, Inc. interns have included: Michal Chetrit, Jackie Mendelson, Kiana Anaya, Amanda Pfeifer Wilson, Tomer Zekzer, Rafael Harpo Jaeger, Eli Lavoie-Higgins, Valeria Hutchings and Kayla Chandler.